RELYANT Global Awarded $10 Million Demolition Contract with CENTCOM

Knoxville, TN, May 30, 2014.   On May 22nd RELYANT Global was awarded a $10,000,000 contract from Regional Contracting Center – South to support deconstruction and demolition task orders at various work sites within Kandahar Airfield.  These task orders will include, but are not limited to, engineering, labor, supervision, materials, tools, equipment, containers, personal protective equipment, transportation, fuel, communication, and all other items and services as necessary to complete the required missions.  This is another excellent construction/deconstruction opportunity which dovetails nicely with RELYANT Global’s recent similar award at Bagram Airfield and Shindand Air Base. The period of performance for this contract is slated for one year.

RELYANT Global’s President John Poncy, a former US Army Airborne Ranger and Infantry Officer, believes that this is yet another validation of RELYANT Global’s commitment to uncompromising operational excellence. “This is the third award in three weeks, and RELYANT Global couldn’t be prouder.  Our commitment to setting the highest standards of operational excellence in support and logistics, expeditionary construction, and munitions response is what continues to set us apart in winning, executing, and completing these task orders on time and on budget to the highest levels of attention and detail.  The time and effort we put into each proposal, project, and interaction with our clients is a sustainable differentiator that continues to be rewarded, and rightfully so.  I have long believed that there are few obstacles that can’t be conquered or opportunities that can’t be won with a liberally supplied amount of operational excellence. Our continued successes of late are unflinching testimony to that uncompromising credo.”