Manpower Services

Relyant ManpowerRELYANT Global provides global human resource solutions that fully support socioeconomic growth and development.Additionally, we combine extremely competent and capable program management with culturally indigenous professionals to provide proficient/experienced local skilled manpower in hostile work environments like Iraq, Afghanistan, and north and central Africa.Our project management teams have been formally trained in their field and are experienced in the operational environment in which they are responsible.  Likewise, having worked around the world and in areas like Iraq and Afghanistan, our staff has developed experience-based protocols to ensure all local national manpower services comply with local and national regulations as well as strictly adhere to Coalition Authority directives.

RELYANT Global has worked with a number of private and government organizations providing human resource solutions in the supply of skilled and unskilled local national labor.  Currently RELYANT Global has ongoing or completed contracts with Joint Contracting Command Iraq-Afghanistan, Gulf Region Division US Army Corps of Engineers, Tetra Tech, SOC SMG, Northrop Grumman, Huntsville Division US Army Corps of Engineers, Project and Contracting Office (PCO), Multi-National Security Transition Command Iraq (MNSTC-I) and Multi-National Forces-Iraq.