The RELYANT Global Approach

Relyant ConstructionRELYANT Global combines the established presence of a local firm with the strength, stability and resources of a global company. Employing proven skills, systems, and technology, the company’s experts work to deliver projects on time and within budget.

We are dedicated to elevating the standards for safety in the construction industry through a wide variety of methods. Through innovative training and education programs, we provide our employees and subcontractors with the tools, knowledge and resources they need to increase safety, reduce risk and improve loss control on every project we manage.

Relyant Staff

RELYANT Global Construction Staff

Through RELYANT Global’s specific market groups, the company has a powerful resource. Our staff has years of proven industry-specific expertise in costing, planning, building and delivery of projects that is unmatched in the industry. This expertise, combined with local market knowledge, has made RELYANT Global successful in virtually every region of the world.

Facilities Management

Our facilities management team recognizes commissioning as a quality-focused process that enhances the delivery of a project. The process focuses on verifying and documenting that the facility and all of its systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained to meet the owner’s project requirements.


RELYANT Global provides its services in nearly all sectors of the construction industry. Some of the markets in which RELYANT Global is active are:

  • Automotive
  • Commercial
  • Infrastructure
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Warehousing
  • Telecommunications
  • Homeland Security




We deliver services in a number of different ways, each dependent upon the needs of our clients. Regardless of the type of service provided, clients can be assured of the quality and professionalism of RELYANT Global’s staff and its extensive resources.


RELYANT Global’s infrastructure construction work encompasses site excavation, site drainage, independent sewage and water services, power generation with switch gear, billeting facilities, dining and kitchen facilities, shower and toilet facilities (eastern and western), MWR facilities, satellite Internet systems, computer networks and more.


RELYANT Global recently constructed multiple vehicle maintenance facilities and permanent prefabricated metal buildings supporting 150-200 personnel life support areas in less than 90 days, with executable maintenance capabilities in less than 30 days. The facilities were constructed in a short timeline while overcoming many obstacles that are commonly associated with work in Iraq.

RELYANT Global has developed and assembled many RLBs throughout Afghanistan for both government and commercial clients.  These buildings can be configured in one, two or three stories. The construction of these units is strong enough to withstand even the most extreme environments.  A few advantages of these buildings are:

  • Flexible configuration, optimizing livable square footage.
  • Buildings can come fully furnished with beds and lockers.
  • They are a more permanent solution to housing shortages.
  • HVAC  units are used to heat and cool the units.

Relyant RLB

Relocatable Buildings

RELYANT Global’s turnkey project management includes all labor, materials, tools, equipment, logistics, transportation, temporary power generators, communications, expertise, supervision, and other items and services needed for execution of the performance work statement. RELYANT Global has extensive knowledge of relocatable living quarters and conducting operations in austere environments. RELYANT Global understands the needs of your organization to meet engineering requirements while providing an attractive and functional billeting solution.