Expeditionary Construction

RELYANT Global has developed and assembled many Relocatable Buildings (RLBs) and
Containerized Housing Units (CHUs) throughout Afghanistan for both government and
commercial clients. These buildings can be configured in one, two or three stories.
The construction of these units is strong enough to withstand even the most extreme
environments. A few advantages of these buildings are:

    • Flexible configuration, optimizing livable square footage
    • Buildings can come fully furnished with beds and lockers
  • They are a more permanent solution to housing shortages
  • HVAC units are used to heat and cool the units




RELYANT Global’s turnkey project management includes all labor, materials, tools, equipment, logistics, transportation, temporary power generators, communications, expertise, supervision, and other items and services needed for execution of the performance work statement. RELYANT Global has extensive knowledge of relocatable living quarters and conducting operations in austere environments. RELYANT Global understands the needs of your organization to meet engineering requirements while providing an attractive and functional billeting solution.