Supplies and Services

TruckingRELYANT Global delivers superior value to its customers by maintaining a keen awareness of logistics and procurement trends and conditions. Customer service and support is central to RELYANT Global’s logistics and procurement offerings.

Complete Flexibility

Our logistics and procurement department plays an integral part in the delivery of all RELYANT Global’s service offerings. Our flexible approach means we are well-positioned to maximize and exploit every existing opportunity to deliver the right equipment, assets and services needed to successfully complete every project on time and on budget.

Integrated Logistics and Procurement Solutions

RELYANT Global’s integrated logistics and procurement solutions are driven by our procurement-lead approach. The result with this approach is the realization of substantial cost savings and the assurance of having all project materials and assets available to meet completion commitments. We do all of this while effectively managing the risk associated with global solutions.

Delivering Customer Value

The RELYANT Global logistics and procurement approach provides the following value to our customers:Shipping

  • Cost savings through smarter procurement; by purchasing directly from the manufacturers, we are able to get our clients the best products at the best possible prices.
  • Global supply chain network with knowledge of suppliers in local and emerging economies.
  • Reduced costs and reduced risks associated with sourcing from new territories – e.g. emerging markets.
  • Coordination of the transaction at every stage in the project – ensuring quality and lead times are achieved.
  • Local market requirements – including customs clearance and compliance management.

Customer Focus

WarehouseDriven from top management down through every level of RELYANT Global is a team focus on keeping clients in every aspect of our services.

At RELYANT Global we set our own standard that is measured by the satisfaction of each and every client we serve. Our dynamic team understands the need to deliver our clients’ projects on time and on budget, every time. It is this understanding that drives us to make your project a success.