Global Support Services

World-Class Solutions for Complex Challenges

Our broad project experience includes government compounds and commercial, residential, industrial and distribution facilities. No matter how challenging the project or how remote the location, RELYANT Global has the knowledge, skill, experience and customer commitment to handle it.


RELYANT Global offers a wide spectrum of construction and infrastructure services in even the most remote locations around the world due to our highly skilled work forces and innovative approaches to project management. This management, enhanced with advanced control systems, ensures that projects are completed on time and within budget in order to suit the client’s best interests. Our team works with our clients to develop and execute a variety of building types: manufacturing and light industrial buildings, residential housing and development, training facilities, administrative offices, and more. Supporting infrastructure development includes road construction, site preparation and excavation, site drainage and water management, independent sewage and water services, power generation with switch gear, satellite internet systems, and computer networking.

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Energy Solutions

RELYANT Global actively applies energy-efficient technologies to our variety of service lines. Currently, we provide a critical fuel reduction and risk mitigation tool in the form of spray foam insulation application to tents and other facilities in extreme climates. This technique to insulate facilities running primarily on HVAC and fuel reduces the requirement for fuel, as well as reduces the risks associated with transporting fuel via delivery trucks in dangerous terrains.

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Vehicle Maintenance

RELYANT Global’s vehicle maintenance program is well known throughout Afghanistan and Iraq due to our highly-trained mechanics, training tools, and mobile support teams. We purchase, lease, tow, and deliver vehicles for our clients that operate out of multiple locations, providing vehicle inspections repairs in a professional and timely manner. Our maintenance projects are backed by a global supply chain management team that values expediency, efficiency, and dependability.

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Munitions Response

RELYANT Global has more than 6 years of corporate experience in environmental remediation to include hazardous material abatement and ordnance detection and removal. Primarily due to our project management team consisting of internationally recognized experts, we have completed the clearance of over 2,000 acres of MEC-contaminated land and have never failed to meet project objectives, never had a Notice of Violation, and never had an OSHA recordable or lost-time accident. Our key personnel’s successful management techniques that promote quality efforts and safety compliance are directly relevant to environmental/ordnance activities in the United States, the Middle East, Africa, and the Pacific islands.
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Life Support Services

Our variety of service lines makes RELYANT Global uniquely qualified to provide life support operations in remote, austere, and disaster-stricken environments around the world. Our team routinely constructs and manages residential facilities, dining and kitchen facilities, vehicle maintenance facilities, shower/toilet facilities, first aid stations, and more. Our full staff of carpenters, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, administrative support, and security specialists offer a wide variety of skills required to immediately stand up contracts and provide immediate support.
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Logistics and Procurement

We bring additional value and exceptional cost control to our clients through our totally integrated logistics and procurement services. The RELYANT Global Logistics Department utilizes its significant purchasing power to insure the optimum combination of quality materials at the best possible prices. Since we buy direct from the manufacturers, we can provide our clients with preferred pricing, service and the best delivery timing.
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IT Communications

The RELYANT Global and its teaming partners provide strategic solutions to meet specific client needs, including total IT solutions, IT application development and the design and management of professional websites, portals and interactive communities. We provide government, semi-government and commercial businesses with full NOC, server systems, VIC, VoIP, network and end-user PC solutions.
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Security Services

RELYANT Global has a proven process for the management and technical approach to delivering any static security requirement. The RELYANT Force Protection/ Vulnerability Assessment Team has over 70 years combined experience in the preparation of staffing plans, including post manning factors, and technical approaches. Our team has completed over 200 force protection assessments primarily in security of airfields (bare base and built up), controlled areas, restricted areas, flight lines, base housing areas, POLs, SCIFs, High Occupancy facilities, command posts, and ammunition storage depots.

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