Security Management

Security Guard

RELYANT Global offers a wide range of manpower, K-9 and technology security services around the world. Our extensive global experience, combined with a successful track record of providing static security services, means our team can offer our clients the highest quality security solutions available.

Proven Success

Our risk mitigation process focuses aggressively on intelligence gathering and analysis, which contributes to our proven success in training Third Country National and Local National personnel to extremely high standards of readiness, professionalism and teamwork.

RELYANT Global has a thorough understanding of all aspects of staffing and maintaining top level teams including personnel recruitment, vetting, hiring, basic training, weapons training, and mobilization. RELYANT Global’s rigorous standards in both recruitment and training ensure that we retain only the highest quality personnel.

Security Technology

RELYANT Global maintains the highest-quality and most technologically advanced equipment needed to ensure that our personnel and clients remain safe and operative in harsh environments.  We have the necessary Security Plans and Standard Operating Procedures in place to effectively operate in all environments.

K-9 Capabilities


With explosives being the ‘weapon of choice’ for many insurgents, RELYANT Global has developed a full canine capability. RELYANT Global’s familiarity and outstanding expertise in munitions, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), and explosives provides an added level of security not delivered by most companies.
Our broad experience in K-9 field security includes kennel master operations, which ensures that RELYANT Global adequately addresses all K-9 requirements by understanding the capabilities and limitations of each animal.


RELYANT Global has successfully mobilized several projects under significant time pressures – in as little as 15 days – to full-mission capability. We have never failed to meet a mobilization date. RELYANT Global’s process includes assigning a small senior level transition team to each significant mobilization.


SoldiersWe have provided security services for a number of groups, including, the US Army Corps of Engineers Huntsville and Gulf Region Division, Buckmaster Depot, and ten mobile ammunition sites; for MNSTC-I at Al Asad and Camp Fallujah. Additionally, RELYANT Global provides IT and Logistics Convoy Security for MNSTC-I/A. Our security-related experience in Iraq also includes the high-threat areas of Mosul, Fallujah, Sadr City, Haditha, Bayji, Tikrit, Kirkuk, and Habbaniyah, as well as multiple locations in Africa and Afghanistan.

Our field-proven encounters with insurgents and IEDs have given us the highest level of relevant experience, demonstrated expertise and training credentials to execute our contracts professionally, cost effectively, and with maximum safety and security for all personnel involved.
RELYANT Global’s existing infrastructure, extensive experience, available highly-skilled personnel, and proven technology make it unnecessary for RELYANT Global to be supported by any subcontractors to execute security projects, which enhances accountability and lowers cost.