RELYANT Global Awarded $1 Million Fueling Contract with CENTCOM

Knoxville, TN, May 30, 2014.   On May 29th RELYANT Global was awarded a $1,000,000 contract to provide Operations and Maintenance at the Forward Area Refueling Point (FARP) at Camp Leatherneck and Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.  This award includes requirements for licensed fuel truck drivers, certified fuel handlers, and HAZMAT certified dispatchers to maintain a bulk fuel distribution operation. RELYANT Global will be tasked with providing all personnel, skill sets, management, equipment and enablers necessary to perform the complete distribution, operations and maintenance of the bulk fuel installation (including retail operations), and the FARP, as well as providing all ground and aviation refueling and defueling services on Camp Leatherneck and Camp Bastion. The period of performance for this contract is slated for 4.5 months.

RELYANT Global’s President John Poncy, a former US Army Airborne Ranger and Infantry Officer, is ecstatic to report on RELYANT Global’s continued achievements. “We work extremely hard at RELYANT Global to set ourselves and our customers – in this case the United States Government – up for success. This is a high visibility / no margin for error type of opportunity that showcases RELYANT Global’s exemplary bar-setting safety record and makes us the ideal candidate to perform opportunities with little margin for error.  We are extremely pleased to have been selected for our fourth award in as many weeks in sites across Afghanistan. Just as we are proving to be the right awardee on the construction and deconstruction task orders, RELYANT Global will prove to be the best refueling company in all of Afghanistan.”