Information Services

RELYANT Global holds several Department of Defense contracts to provide information services for Psychological Operations throughout the Middle East, disseminating client information through various types of media outlets such as Radio Information Area Broadcasting (RIAB), commercial billboard construction, human intelligence collection, media monitoring, and printing services.

RELYANT Global and its teaming partners provide information services in some of the world’s most hostile environments. Our experienced high security personnel have the ability to operate around the world, delivering critical mission information services support no matter when or where.

IT Communications Services

NetworkingRELYANT Global’s experienced IT team provides large-scale IT network/system installation, design, operation and maintenance. We have an exceptionally comprehensive background in IT equipment installation and project management in third world nations for both the US and foreign governments.

RELYANT Global and its teaming partner personnel provide solutions for NOC/TOC design/development/installation and O&M (to include multi-level expansion), VSAT, Tactical Communications and fiber networks including tools, security appliances, and management. Our highly technical and professional IT staff provides fiber network design, procurement, installation, and user training worldwide.

An Array of Services

In addition to NOC/TOC design/installation/operation, the RELYANT Global team has the experience and capability to provide the following services:

  • Telecommunications Logistics Support and Maintenance
  • Telecommunications Network Administration
  • Server and User Administration
  • Voice Communications
  • Information Assurance/COMSEC
  • Telecommunications Engineering Support/Consultation
  • Wireless Network at Iraqi Military Bases
  • IT/HVAC/Power Equipment
  • Information Technology Training
  • Property Control Technical Training
  • Systems Expansion/Technology Refresh
  • Website, Portal & Interactive Community
RELYANT Global and its partners provide total IT solutions, develop IT applications, and design and manage professional web sites, portals and interactive communities. We also offer full NOC server systems, VTC, VoIP, network and end-user PC solutions.

Needs-Based Solutions

LaptopOur professional team listens to our clients’ needs and then utilizes the best new technologies to build significantly tailored solutions to meet their requirements, helping them to secure a technological edge in an ever-changing global IT industry. We rely on the success of our solutions as a measure of our own success.

Along with our partners, we have assisted numerous organizations in the development and implementation of their Internet strategies.
Our Information Technology team is prepared to offer strategic solutions designed to meet the client’s needs across a wide range of sectors: government, semi-government, non-profit, businesses and others.