Energy Solutions

RELYANT Global provides a critical “force multiplier” and “risk mitigation” tool for the US Defense and NATO forward deployed assets in Afghanistan with spray foam insulation for canvas tents and other soft skin facilities. RELYANT Global has invested heavily in personnel, equipment and materials for implementing and sustaining the Afghanistan Spray Foam Project (ASIP) for our client’s challenges with a holistic approach to critical mission support. This investment is in theater to fully support the commanders on the ground with adhering to the requirements to reduce the use of fuel for cooling and heating facilities.

Proven Value

Spray foam insulation has proven over time to successfully reduce the need for fuel to run A/C and heating systems for cooling and heating facilities at the forward deployed area. It has shown a greater increase in the comfort of troops by maintaining consistent living and working environments. The GAO and Department of Defense have tasked the forward deployed commanders to implement power conservation and reduce the need for fuel usage in non-combat activities. The key is a robust supply chain.

Spray Foam Tent

Technology Facts:

Spray Foam:

  • Is a chemical application applied to tents and other soft skin facilities for insulation and UV protection that reduces the fuel consumption needs by 75% to 90%.
  • Is a Force Multiplier.
  • Reduces the risk to the supply chain.
  • Is an innovative and cost effective power saving solution.
  • Reduces the power consumption to heat and cool structures in war fighter infrastructure applications.
  • Reduces fuel consumption in theater while increasing soldier comfort and integrity of buildings or tent.
  • Adds insulation to tents and other soft skin structures, such as DFAC, maintenance facilities, command TOCs, and medical and lodging tents reducing the fuel to run A/C.


RELYANT Global is contracted in Afghanistan under the ASIP contract vehicle to provide spray foam insulations in RC South and RC North. We have developed a robust supply chain that allows for delivery of product within 30 to 45 days cradle to grave. RELYANT Global uses only a US Army Environmental approved GACO Western Polyfoam System 193 that contains non-ozone depleting chemicals to spray foam millions of square feet of canvas and thin skin facilities.

ScalableSpray Foam Transportation

RELYANT Global has forward positioned our spray foam “fly away” kits that contain all necessary tools to conduct spray foam operations. All that is needed for immediate mobilization is moving additional trained personnel and consumable materials. RELYANT can quickly scale up current assets within the country to meet your needs. Our spray foam capability is perfectly suited to supporting LOGCAP IV and other contingency contract vehicles.