Vertical Construction

Light Steel Frame Construction

Our capabilities include the most advanced steel frame design/build solution available in the industry. FRAMECAD™ technology, which includes the FrameMaster manufacturing equipment, is engineered for rapid, high volume production of cold-form steel framing, with accuracy that is determined by the system, not the skill level of workers or on-site assemblers. This proven system has been used successfully in design/build projects all around the world, and is recognized by our US Government clientele as both efficient and reliable.




An Innovative and Sustainable Alternative

The Light Steel Frame technology is a proven, reliable, and cost-effective solution to the scheduling conflicts arising from construction projects in austere environments. RELYANT Global’s manufacturing equipment has been developed to be mobile, economical to operate, and 100% reliable. It allows complete buildings of all kinds to be built rapidly from just one steel profile, maximizing efficiency and reducing waste to less than 1%. Furthermore, all FrameMaster design, manufacturing and building operations are supported by an international team of consultants and technicians to ensure smooth planning, installation, and on-site construction. This means that the production facility, with its own diesel generator and computer-operated fabricating machine housed in a modified 20’ shipping container, can be relocated in remote areas and allow construction to begin immediately and proceed quickly.



Specialized Innovative Technology

RELYANT Global owns the FrameMaster F300i Roll Former and accompanying mobile factory. This high performance technology is designed for the manufacturing of framing and trusses for a wide range of residential, commercial, and multi-story structures. The FrameMaster F300i System has a full range of punching functions, allowing an entire building to be constructed using a single steel profile. It can produce steel framing for wall panels, roof trusses, and floor joists for single or multi-story buildings. The versatility of the FrameMaster and its full range of functions allow RELYANT Global to construct residential housing, workforce accommodation, portable and modular buildings, and industrial/commercial construction.

Rapid Deployment to Construction Sites

RELYANT Global’s advanced Light Steel Frame solution provides our clients with rapid deployment to construction sites for projects in austere environments. The Mobile Factory unit offers swift steel frame production for immediate operational execution and a streamlined project completion.