Daniel J.Dan Smith Smith

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of RELYANT Global, Dan Smith offers a combination of  operations, logistics, and security expertise in remote and austere environments worldwide. Dan has led construction management and operations firsthand and understands the challenges of being a leader and principal of an outstanding company. He has extensive, direct experience in standing up, provisioning, and protecting support operations for the US military, notably in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Dan knows how to operate effectively and efficiently in forward deployed military environments. He has successfully managed multiple high risk contracts in The Middle East and Asia and managed over 500 million in total revenue. Dan built a security department of 400 Expats, 600 TCNs, and over 2000 LNs, providing close protection, explosive detection dogs, static security, and a multitude of support services. He developed a matrix based training program in multiple languages and instructed numerous training cadre.  He established an industry leading logistics program for sensitive GFP and CFP item tracking, allowing for 100% accountability. Dan created a recruitment and vetting program in country that has resulted in zero breaches of security over the course of over 9 years.

Military Background

Dan is a third generation US Marine combat veteran, with extensive on-the-ground experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Africa. This experience has allowed him to posses current knowledge of the work environment and challenges faced in the austere and remote environments that RELYANT Global specializes in. In over eight years with the United States Marine Corps, he was “Marine of the Year”, “Force Recon Team Leader of the Year” and was meritoriously promoted on multiple occasions.

Humanitarian Efforts

In line with the values of Relyant Global, Dan personally supports college education for multiple orphaned Ugandan natives as well as multiple humanitarian projects  improving quality of life in East Africa via ministry based charities.  Dan also is a supporter of the Wounded Warrior foundation at the local level in Blount County, Tennessee.


Dan is married to Melissa Smith.  Dan and Melissa have two young sons.  The challenges of travel, work, and family keep Dan and Melissa rooted to their faith, focusing on a long and fruitful family life.