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Job Details

Requisition Number: 17-119


Title: Senior UXO Supervisor


Country: Guam


Primary expectations/objectives include but are not limited to:


 • identification of personnel and equipment requirements;


 • supervision of all daily field team activities;


 • early detection and identification of potential problem areas and institution of corrective measures;


 • assisting with the preparation of all project reports;


 • providing on-the-job training for selected UXO Supervisor(s) who may be called upon to temporarily perform SUXOS duties during his/her absence from the site and/or during MEC avoidance phases of the project;


 • preparation of a daily report, which will include man-hours expended, grids cleared, explosives expended, and any other information required by the PM;


 • supervising UXO Technicians, as well as other personnel who may be required in the field; and


 • Supervising UXO teams


 • conducting reconnaissance and classification of MEC; and


 • identifying fuzes and determining fuze conditions of all munitions, U.S. and foreign, including: guided missiles; bombs and bomb fuzes; projectiles and projectile fuzes; grenades and grenade fuzes; rockets and rocket fuzes; land mines and associated components; pyrotechnic items; military explosives and demolition materials; and submunitions.


 • supervises the segregation of MEC from non-munitions-related debris, and associated safe handling procedures;


 • supervises team preventive medicine and field sanitation procedures, donning and doffing of PPE, operation of a personnel decontamination station;


 • conducts on-site evaluations directly related to MEC operations;


 • prepares required MEC-related administrative reports; and


 • conducts daily site safety briefings (during UXO avoidance and/or construction support phases of the field activities)


 • assists in preparing risk and hazards analyses;


 • assists in writing work plans, Site Safety & Health Plans, etc.


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