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Job Details

Requisition Number: 17-123


Title: Lead Trainer


Country: Africa



Position Summary


Oversees all elements of training programs, including defining and maintaining training curriculum for host country students.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities


• Designs metrics to report on training program and impact


• Guides the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of training and support materials


• Compiles lessons learned for each training session


• Defines and facilitates training logistics


• Builds and maintains a repository for deliverables, approaches, and lessons learned


Required Experience


• Fluent in reading and speaking the language required under the task order – demonstrated by either test scores, years of speaking language in country, native speaking history


• At least 2 years of experience training militaries in sub-Saharan Africa


• Demonstrated ability to lead other trainers and develop instructional-related products


• Excellent health




• Must be able to pass a background clearance and drug screen




• This is a full-time exempt position


RELYANT U.S. and World Headquarters

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PH: 865-984-1330

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