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Job Details

Requisition Number: 17-104


Title: HVAC Technician


Country: Afghanistan



Position Summary


An HVAC Technician will install and maintain and repair heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Diagnose and repair of electronic, mechanical and electrical components of these systems.



Essential Duties and Responsibilities


• Install and maintain diverse heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

• Lay out wires and pipes to complete HVAC systems

• Perform general and preventative maintenance on HVAC systems

• Ensure that all installations are done in accordance to the set standards

• Make sure that any loose wires are connected and secured properly

• Ensure calibration of thermostats and other controls

• Perform checks on motors and belts and handle lubrication duties

• Change filters and replace any parts as they wear out

• Repair motors and service steam and hot water boilers

• Ensure that chemical compositions in equipment are adequate at all times

• Handle conduit running for HVAC equipment

• Order any supplies or equipment needed for HVAC maintenance or installation as needed

• Ensure availability of all items needed for an HVAC project

• Respond to emergency situations in order to resolve issues on an immediate basis

• Handle maintenance of tools and equipment

• Replace faulty or expired parts in an HVAC system

• Fabricate parts in case parts are not readily available

• Determine need for upgrading HVAC systems and take measures to take necessary actions




Five to seven years’ experience in installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting and correcting diverse HVAC service issues.


Good analytical skills and attention to detail with ability to read and interpret blueprints, plans, and manuals.


Excellent customer service skills with desire to exceed customer expectations.


Ability to work independently in a timely manner, making sure job is done correctly the first time.


• Must possess the skills necessary to troubleshoot all HVAC faults, both in a garrison and in a field environment

• Must have completed HVAC apprenticeship or certified training

• Strong experience with commercial HVAC equipment and systems


Understands basic refrigeration cycle to include: identifying components in refrigeration circuit, understanding how each component works, diagnosing problems in the refrigeration circuit, using manifold gauge set, pressure/temperature chart and temperature measuring devices for routine maintenance and to troubleshoot. Understands refrigeration recovery, evacuation and charging.

Understands basic electron theory, how electricity travels, AC and DC currents, single phase and three phase circuits, and series and parallel circuits. Ability to read basic wiring diagrams. Understanding of Ohms Law.


Ability to use multi-meters to read voltage, current and resistance values. Must be able to troubleshoot basic electrical circuits.


Understands the process of treating air so as to simultaneously control its temperature, humidity, and distribution. Must be able to read and understand mechanical drawings.


Understands basic heating cycle to include: identifying components in heating system, understanding how each component works, diagnosing problems in the heating system using a gas pressure test and other devices for routine maintenance and to troubleshoot. Understands the theory of combustion and how it relates to combustible fuels such as gas and oil.


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