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Job Details

Requisition Number: 17-117


Title: Construction Superintendent


Country: Guam


Primary expectations/objectives include but are not limited to:


 • Coordinates and supervises all construction activities.


 • Directs all field personnel to achieve completion of the project on schedule, within budget, with quality workmanship that conforms to plans and specifications.


 • Maintains construction schedule, identifies and solves problems.


 • Orders materials using the Purchase Order Request form


 • Has a thorough knowledge of the plans, drawings, and specifications for each project assigned.


 • Promotes job site safety, encourages safe work practices and rectifies job site hazards immediately.


 • Ensures all workers and subcontractors are adhering to the company safety policy.


 • Maintains an organized job site, including the construction office.


 • Interviews, hires, and trains construction workers


 • Exercises control over rate of construction progress in order to complete construction project within time limits; schedules jobs and operations


 • Estimates materials needed for specific jobs; estimates manpower needed for specific jobs


 • Leads inspection and commission of day to day construction work to enforce conformity to specifications


 • Lead daily plan of the day meetings with construction staff


 • Review the job schedule and cost breakdown, resolving all differences of opinion with Project Manager at the beginning of the job.


 • Maintain a high standard of quality control at all times.


 • Maintain a good relationship with the Project Manager, seeking his/her assistance in the scheduling of materials, equipment and subcontractors.


 • Keep the progress schedule current, review schedule status and job costs at least once each month with the Project Manager.


 • Maintain inventory control over tools and equipment, ascertaining that movable tools are returned to the tool room and all other equipment adequately secured.


 • Complete the daily construction report each day, and submit to the Project Manager


 • Attend pre-construction and construction meetings, taking notes on areas that may present a future problem and present to the Project Manager for consultation.


 • Attend, on request, all technical meetings for the purpose of discussing job progress and problem areas.


 • Maintain close communication with Project Manager on any unforeseen problems which may develop.


 • Assist Project Manager in estimating percent completion of each item for monthly invoicing and of labor for each job cost report.

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