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Job Details

Requisition Number: 17-101


Title: Construction Engineer


Country: Africa



Position Summary


The Construction Engineer will be responsible for the management of employees and construction contractors performing work during projects. Projects may range in size from small repairs to new field developments.



Essential Duties and Responsibilities


• Provides technical knowledge and analysis of highly specialized, highly visible programs in sometimes extreme operational environments, high-level functional engineering analysis, design, integration and implementation concepts, documentation, and implementation advice on exceptionally complex problems, which require high-level knowledge of the construction subject matter.


• Participates in construction development with emphasis on the planning, analysis, modeling, integration, site assessments and scheduling phases.


• Applies construction principles, methods and knowledge to specific TO requirements, advanced mathematical principles and methods to exceptionally difficult and narrowly defined technical problems in engineering and mathematical applications to arrive at a concise solution.


• Designs and prepares technical reports, databases, studies, plans and related documentation, makes charts and graphs to record results.


• Prepares and delivers presentations and briefings as required by the TO.


• Provides technical advice on construction requirements for highly specialized projects, technical report preparation or other services as required by the TO.


• Lead construction projects that may include building, electrical, mechanical, roads and/or bridges.


• Estimate project costs including site inspections, testing of drainage or elevation levels, materials, equipment, labor costs.


• Survey the area where the job is to take place, paying special attention to environmental issues or government codes.


• Maintain compliance with the safety-assurance plan so that work is accomplished in an environmentally sound manner using safe work practices.


• Conduct safety observations and conversations to help achieve a zero-incident work site


• Anticipate and resolve problems encountered in the field to eliminate costly rework or retesting


• Monitor progress to ensure scheduling milestones are understood and are being met;


• Ensure equipment and manpower resources are being used efficiently;




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